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St. Francis Home of Saginaw

Serving to nurture, support, protect and enhance one's life and spiritual growth, our dedicated staff has been providing compassionate, high quality care for the elderly for over 60 years. St. Francis Home, Rehab and Skilled Nursing Care Center, recognizes not only the physical realities of aging, but also the healing power of prayer.

Our Heart

St. Francis Home, healing in the light of faith since 1953, is committed to delivering care that promotes healing of the body, heart and soul.

We aim to honor God by providing high quality lifestyle services that promote the value and dignity of each person.


Skilled Nursing Care

St. Francis Home provides an extra level of round the clock monitoring, problem solving and a high level of nursing care by their trained nursing staff of CNA’s, LPN’s, and RN’s and medical director.


Rehab Care

 Select Rehabilitation, who manages all rehab services within St. Francis Home, is passionate about helping people regain their lives and gain back greater independence.

Long Term Care

St. Francis Home provides long term placement for your loved one. Our staff offers a friendly, pleasant, warm environment , with 24/7 care, opportunities for Therapy as needed, hospice, and support from our interdisciplinary team.

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