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St. Francis Home of Saginaw


Serving seniors since 1953, as a Catholic non-profit, St. Francis Home is committed to enhancing quality of life throughout all stages of aging. Our programs benefit from a strong clinical and rehabilitation team, as well as an engaging activities department.

St. Francis Home is committed to improving the quality of life of seniors through providing excellent short term, skilled care, rehab services, and long term care services. St. Francis Home's team approach is to help you reach your individual health and wellness goals, that those who come to St. Francis Home would truly have a "Healing in the light of Faith" experience.

Programs/Services Offered Onsite:

  • Physician and NP/PA

  • Physiatrist, PT, OT, ST

  • Respratory Therapist

  • Certified Wound Nurse

  • Certified Dietician

  • Chaplin Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Activities Program

  • 24/7 Admissions

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