If you are looking for placement and this sounds just like the kind of home, perfect for your loved one, there are a few things we will need to get started.

The items below can be provided easily by your family physician:

  1. History & Physical signed by physician
  2. List of Current Medicines
  3. Chest X-Ray (within 90 days)
  4. Pre-admission Screen forms (3877/3878 ) completed
  5. Copies of Insurance cards.

Here is a sample schedule for the day offered at St. Francis Home:

 8:00 am Morning breakfast served in dining room
 9:00 am Salon (Manicures & Social Hour)
 10:00 am Exercise
 11:30 am Rosary & Mass
 12:30 pm Lunch is served
 2:15 pm Piano with Gary
 6:00 pm Dinner
 7:00 pm Resident Choice


If you are interested in placing your loved one at our facility, please download and fill out the attached form.

Admissions Application 

Or Contact the Admissions Director: Diane Baumgartner here!


"The family will be forever grateful that she could spend her later years in a Catholic Home where she received such compassionate care. 

Domains of Wellbeing: Identity

  • Testimonials from our families.........

    You not only helped my mom, you also comforted the family and helped all of us through her end of life. The Quality of Service you provided was nothing short of miraculous.
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